Creative Therapy

Develop with Music

Music Therapy is an evidence-based healthcare intervention that offers a secure nonjudgmental space for exploration, expression and personal development.

Using the creative modes music, art, and play, the therapist takes cues from the client when choosing how to interact. Conscious of elements such as rhythm, tempo, texture and melody, the therapist seeks to establish a connection and create a shared musical experience.

Therapeutic Goals Include:

● Improved communication skills
● Sensory skills & Physical development
● Social & Emotional functioning
● Cognitive skills

In assessing the needs of each client Maeve will plan, evaluate and undertake music therapy sessions using appropriate music and therapeutic skills.

Stimulation, Relaxation and Motivation

Promoting independence and choice, a sense of time, sensory stimulation, relaxation, and motivation for physical movement, music therapy facilitates interpersonal communication, emotional expression, awareness of self and others

Techniques Include:

● Receptive music listening
● Music improvisation
● Song writing

Individual, group and dyad

Implementing an ethical referral and assessment system this clinical service provides therapeutic support through individual, group, and dyad sessions.

Reasons For Referral:

● Early intervention
● Mental health support
● IEP-individualised goals
● Attachment-based therapy

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