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What do the children learn in the theory class?

The children are introduced to music, as the multidisciplinary subject it is, in a fun and active manner. Many teaching methodologies are used in order that the children are learning through various media, albeit picture books, dance, listening and responding through art, games, songs, drama, early music literacy skills, puppets, flashcards, posters, ICT and of course enthusiasm, energy and passion from their teachers. After Step 1 of the programme, children will be able to name and identify notes and note values. Children will be familiar with how to read music using the stave. Children will be familiar with many musical terms associated with the performance and dynamics of music.

How long before my child moves from their theory class to an instrument?

This depends on the ability and capability of the child. More often than not, older children tend to move onto an instrument after one term of music theory. For younger children, two terms or a full year of music theory classes may be advised, before they move onto an instrument.

What instrument should I choose?

The instrument classes that are on offer with Music4Children are piano/keyboard, violin, drumming, group drumming, ukulele, guitar and voice. Once again, this decision is dependent on the motivation and ability of the child. A discussion with theory teacher close to the time of making this decision is advisable.

How long is each term?

Our terms run concurrent with the school year. As a result, students do not have music lessons during mid-term or school holidays. Each student will receive a list of term dates from their instrumental teacher each term.

How much do classes cost?

Details of class prices are on fees page of website

Method of payment?

Fees may be paid online using our website